Paris Fashion Week 2023-24

Paris 3 July 2023, Lara Dizeyee showcased a stunning collection rich in colors and ornamentation, handcrafted by Kurdish artisans who are the guardians of traditional skills.
On the Paris runway were three different tableaux telling the story of Kurdish women: the first represented femininity and sensuality, the second passion and the third strength.

Through her collection, Lara Dizeyee wanted to capture the beauty of Kurdish culture, highlighting it and preserving their traditions through unique and remarkable outfits that are true art pieces.

Lara Dizeyee’s unique pieces personify love, strength, beauty, struggle and hope. Her designs represent passion, peace, unity and freedom, and are a bridge between cultures. Dizeyee is the transformation the fashion world needs. Elegance, charisma, beauty and femininity are what she serves up through her collections.