The Dizeyee Family

Iraqi Tribes

“Arab Iraqi historian, Abbas Al Azzawi in his Arabic language book ( Iraq’s Tribes, volume 2 the Kurdish tribes) printed in Baghdad 1947 p.144 wrote:
The Dizayee and it’s tribes
In fact this is a principality, which is one of the important principalities in the Arbil district”

Two Years in Kurdistan

“The Dizai is one of the most advanced of Kurdish tribes (P.68) _ More than half of the Arbil district … and the most fertile portion of the Arbil plain is occupied by the Dizai tribe. (P.77) _ The population is dense , and this plain has been the headquarters of the powerful Dizai tribe for the last three centuries. (P.20)”

The Pedigree of The Dizeyee Family

The Pedigree of The Dizeyee Family From
17th Century to 2008